New Website

Posted on February 16th, 2015


After much ado, I'm rolling out some new features on the website. Not everything is up and running yet, but feel free to look around. We've got a new login & registration page, a guild roster, and a recruitment page. The guild roster will be updated with more features to help keep track of iLevel and missing gems/enchants. A forum is in the works as well. Check back soon for more updates.



Back in Action

Posted on December 17th, 2014


Well, we had a nice break, but now we’re back.  I’m not tryin to make a big fuss about it or anything, not yet at least.  We server transferred, left Bleeding Hollow behind for our new home, Stormrage.  Farrgon and Purias are joining back up, and bringing some friends along.  We’ve done some cross-realm raiding with’em and it’s worked out well.  We’re aiming for a Highmaul clear this week so we can move to heroics soon.  Website needs updated obviously, vacation starts next week so I’ll have some time.  That’s pretty much all there is to say right now. Oh, any old Sang’s reading this, here’s a list of members that are back:


  • Me, duh
  • Saibak
  • Fearra
  • Rampart (Joydivision)
  • Littletart
  • Arolla
  • Megillas
  • Disention (currently dragging ass, but he’s going to be back)
  • Purias
  • Farrgon
  • Shadow (the canadian, not Shdw)


I’m still working on getting a few others to play again.  Klint, Derek, Cesar, I’m looking at you.